Body Of Your Dreams
«Only from a state of purity we can create something truly amazing.»
Polina Boyd
4-week program made by a woman for women
Learn and develop rituals that will help you to lose weight, optimize your well-being, and up your energy level.
You want to lose weight
No energy
Devaluing yourself
You want to look younger
You'll learn how to lose weight without losing your health.

You'll develop a conscious approach towards your eating habits, exercise and other practices during the program.
You'll learn to generate and maintain your own energy level.

You'll transform your well-being, learn how to feel active, light and free.
You'll learn how to put yourself first! Throughout this unique practice you'll see how when you're misplacing yourself in a system of life - you're losing your power, money, love and health.
You'll learn tips and beauty secrets, that really work, leaving your skin smooth and flawless.
But lacking discipline and motivation
You often feel lazy and apathetic
Forgot your self-worth, have a low and unstable self-esteem
And have radiant smooth skin
is for you if:
You'll also get:
I always like to compare
the rituals from my Program with pearls. You'll get a lot of different pearls that will allow you to build your own "necklace" from your daily practices (the ones that are suitable for you).
That's why this program has been able to help so many different women!
This program contains a lot of different techniques and exercises
my workouts
breath work
beauty secrets and hacks
posture and face lifting exercises
motivational practices
You'll get a menu structure that has helped more than 600 women to lose 12-20 pounds throughout the Program.
4 weeks of inspiring practices
4 segments for achieving your desirable goals
Segment #1 The Food We Eat
Learn how to easily build your daily menu that is well balanced, but at the same time helps you to lose extra pounds.
Segment #2 The Workouts We Do
Throughout the Program you'll tone your muscles with workouts that are easy to do at the gym (or at home). As well as a breath work techniques that will also tone your body.
Segment #3 Beauty & Youth
You'll learn model's tips and tricks that will give you glowing skin and transform your posture.
Segment #4 Mind & Happiness
In this segment you'll learn how to go back to your place in the system of life, where everything is available for you.
About Polina Boyd
Certified transformational coach (6 years of experience)
Certified yoga teacher (Ashtanga / Hatha & Vinyasa flow)
Model (17 years of experience) and the owner of her own Modeling management company, "101 model management".
Polina works as a coach, offering her systematic approach to transforming unwanted patterns, habitual reactions and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving everything you want in life.

Her mission is to assist people in transforming their relationships with themselves, their body and the people in their life.

Her philosophy is that we don’t need fixing, all we need is freeing. Once you’re free from your past, you can create your life from a clean slate, rather than a constant compensation for your past failures.
*Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or a licensed therapist. My work is a collection of coaching and healing certifications. If you feel you suffer from a medical or chemical issue, I can refer you to the appropriate treatment.
6 years

of coaching online and offline
600+ women

successfully completed Boyd Method program and transformed their bodies & relationships with themselves
19 programs

for women led online
You have two payment options
Full Payment
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2 х $150
Pay half today ($150) and pay the second half in two weeks after the Program starts.
BOYD Method starts on April 11th
Payment Plan
BOYD Method starts on April 11th

Testimonials of past students:

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Frequently asked questions
What will I achieve throughout the program?
Throughout the program you'll develop new healthy habits, not only for your mind but also for your body. You'll learn how to shred extra pounds, tone your muscles, improve your energy level and even out your skin tone. You will feel lighter in your daily life.
What exactly will I be getting during this program?
This program contains:
  • menu (built by my dietitian)
  • workouts (at the gym and at home)
  • breath work (that helps to tone your body and increase your energy level)
  • meditations
  • posture and face lifting exercises
  • beauty tips and tricks
  • trainings for your self-love and self-esteem
  • support-chat throughout the entire program
What if I won't be able to complete the program on time?
You'll get an access to all the program's materials for an additional month after the program is over.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this program daily?
30 mins to an hour and a half which can be broken up throughout the day.

Can I do this program if I have a full time job ?
Of course. All the participants of the previous programs were able to participate and work at the same time. Following rituals that you'll learn in this program you'll get even more energy for other aspects of your life.
Can I do it if I'm a mother with young kids?
Yes! 80% of previous participants were mothers with young kids. We even had a few mothers with 5 kids! And they all successfully completed the program.
What if I don't eat meat?
We'll be offering a vegan as well as vegetarian menu options. You'll always be able to replace the food you don't eat with another more suitable option.
What if I'm breastfeeding?
If your child is older than 3 months and your doctor doesn't prohibit you working out, then you can register into this program.
Do I need any equipment for my workouts?
If you're planning on working out at home, I suggest you get a 5 lb - 10 lb dumbbells (depending on your strength). Or you can be creative and use a water bottles filled with sand.
You will also need to get resistance bands if you don't have access to them at the gym.
What if I don't have a gym membership?
It's not a problem. You'll have an option of workouts at home.
В каком формате будет проходить марафон?
Материалы марафона размещены на специальной учебной платформе. После оплаты марафона на e-mail, который вы указали при регистрации, придет письмо с темой “Добро пожаловать в Polina Boyd”. Оно содержит вашу персональную ссылку для входа на учебную платформу и может поступить в папки “Входящие” или ”Промоакции”/“Рассылки”. Если в этих папках письма нет, проверьте папку “СПАМ”.

Во время регистрации будьте внимательны при указании e-mail, не допускайте опечаток.

Важно: Сохраните письмо с темой “Добро пожаловать в Polina Boyd”, так как указанная в нем персональная ссылка для входа на учебную платформу является постоянной, если вы и далее будете проходить обучение у Polina Boyd.

Так же у вас будет чат в Телеграмм, для общения и поддержки друг друга.

How difficult are the recipes that I'll need to follow when cooking?
All the recipes are super easy. You'll be spending 10-20 mins for cooking. My goal is to simplify your life, so you won't see recipes with 50 ingredients in this program.
How will I be receiving an information during the program?
You'll get an access to a closed portion of this website.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'll be getting new videos and new assignments.

You'll also be added to a Telegram chat where all the participants can support one another throughout the program.
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